Science, innovation, revolutions

In the 21st century, the innovativeness of the economy is closely related to the quality of cooperation between science and business. In an effort to ensure that Poland is not just a passive observer of the changing world, experts will be wondering what to do to make the innovation of Polish companies a driving force and initiator of global development. Polish scientists are developing innovative solutions that are not commercialized afterwards. In this process it is worth profiling science for cooperation with business, including scientific staff for business.

Suggested topics:

  1. Constitution for Science 2.0. What has already been done? When will we use it? What else is ahead of us?
  2. Data-based economy. Consumer and service provider in the new digital era of surveillance
  3. Democracy and technology. How can technology support democracy?
  4. Blockchain and chain optimization in supplies
  5. Big technological business & ndash; a threat or an opportunity for the European digital economy?
  6. How artificial intelligence changes business models
  7. Fintech and open banking & ndash; where are we in 2019?
  8. Digital entertainment aces - (the gaming industry is not just games) or how we use the chances we have given
  9. Vision zero, or safe metropolis of the future
  10. Making the law more flexible or increasing the availability of financing as the key to increasing the level of innovation in Poland