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The functioning of enterprises is inscribed in the global institutional system. No state is a lonely island, which is why it is so important to be successful in the international arena. Uncertainty of the international environment - the US trade war - China or the first exit of the EU by the member state - may increase the amplitude of fluctuations in trade relations in the global economy. The structure of foreign trade is a very important factor determining the nature and strength of the state. Strong and diversified exports stimulate and increase the possibilities of the economy. Polish producers rank higher and higher in international supply chains.

Suggested topics:

  1. What no-deal1 Brexit means for a country in the CEE region, including Poland?
  2. European competition law. Do you dishonestly support the "old union"?
  3. Will trade exchange between Poland and China significantly accelerate?
  4. International supply chains and Polish companies?
  5. EU regulations and commercial agreements: what should Polish lobbying in international organizations look like?
  6. Development of PAIH's international activities & ndash; performance evaluation
  7. Polskie Soft Power & mdash; assessment of the current state and discussion on its improvement
  8. Areas of cooperation between countries Tr & oacute; jmorza & ndash; present and potential
  9. A stimulus package for the European economy & ndash; in the face of economic downturn
  10. United States: a new dimension of partnership and trade during global change.
  11. Not only China: new export markets in the Far East. Importance of the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement. How to free Polish potential in the new market?