Modern business - modern institutions

In the changing world, the role of Poland is expressed, among others, in the successes of Polish enterprises. They create jobs, generate revenues for the budget and increase the innovativeness of the economy. The condition for their formation and success is a friendly administrative and legal environment created by a modern state that understands business. National law and EU regulations, tax law in the context of combating frauds, labor law in the perspective of immigration - these are just some of the topics that require deep reflection and a matter-of-fact, multi-faceted debate. It is important to properly identify the needs of entrepreneurs when designing effective regulations and programs.

Suggested topics:

  1. Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Spokesman in & ndash; defense of small businesses, everyday entrepreneurial problems & in the face of public administration
  2. Real legal changes or just a facade? How the Constitution of Business affects the freedom to conduct business in Poland
  3. Confidence between an entrepreneur and public administration
  4. Structure of Polish capital in enterprises which matters?
  5. Work of a foreigner & in Polish companies & ndash; opportunities and challenges
  6. Transition of small to large enterprises
  7. How to improve the entrepreneur's image?
  8. Changes of the Polish commercial judiciary
  9. New industrialization, or how to free yourself from the medium development trap?
  10. Regulations for automation / industrial robotics
  11. Sectoral deregulation - support for SME development