Industry, energy, infrastructure

Poland is on the verge of large and ambitious infrastructural investments. Work is underway on the construction of the Central Transport Port and the Vistula Spit pier. Strategic road connections are planned - Via Carpatia and Via Baltica. The gas infrastructure is being expanded - the LNG terminal and the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. The energy generation sector faces a revolutionary change, and the question about the shape of the future energy mix remains open. The overriding objective of the mentioned projects is to provide conditions for the long-term development of the country.

Suggested topics:

  1. A year after COP24 & ndash; the state strategy in the field of energy and climate. First conclusions
  2. Revitalization of the land & oacute; in g & oacute after energy transformation & ndash; ideas, sources and funding
  3. Strategic raw materials for EU development in the perspective up to 2030
  4. Large infrastructure investments (CPK, cross-dock of the Vistula spit, LNG terminal, Baltic Pipe) & ndash; a great opportunity or a waste of means & in public?
  5. Meridian (NW) transport routes and economic development
  6. Smartcity and r & o; invalified development of cities (including the fight against smog)
  7. The offshore wind farms will fill the lignite gap?
  8. Power industry of the future & ndash; water & o; and other innovative energy sources
  9. Atomic revolution - transformation of the Polish energy sector will not succeed without the participation of nuclear energy in the mix?
  10. Poland's energy mix in 2040 and its impact on shaping energy prices in Poland. How to finance energy transformation?
  11. Potential and conditions for the development of energy storage, available technologies and functionalities
  12. Conditions for the development of solar energy in Poland & ndash; how to achieve the assumed share in the energy mix
  13. Digitization of energy and the use of artificial intelligence
  14. Who will pay for it? Modern financing of infrastructure investments.