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The success of the Polish economy in recent decades is primarily the result of thriving micro, small, medium and large enterprises. Every day, we use hundreds of products and products that arise thanks to entrepreneurs' determination. At present, it is difficult to identify a narrow group of specialties of the Polish economy - successes on the domestic and foreign markets are enjoyed by Polish companies from the food, bicycle, clothing and construction industries, including windows, cosmetics, and many others. A sectoral view of the domestic economy will be an opportunity to summarize the achievements of selected industries or enterprises and to develop solutions supporting their further development.

Suggested topics:

  1. FMCG, agriculture and trade

    a) Are private labels an opportunity for domestic companies to develop or rather inhibit them?
    b) Polish food from the Premium segment. Non-GMO healthy food as a Polish brand in Europe and Polish Quality Fund (PQF).
    c) Barriers and opportunities facing the Polish food industry.

  2. Finance, banking and capital transactions

    a) From the Postal Savings Bank for mobile payments and FinTech '& oacute; What are the challenges facing Polish banking in the centenary of its existence?
    b) Another technological leap in the banking industry? Work on robo-advisory technology.
    c) SMEs in the world of e-commerce & ndash; a development locomotive, or a bomb with a live ignition?
    d) E-commerce: how to successfully jump onto this wave (new ways of selling for traditional entrepreneurs). New business, new tools, a new opportunity.

  3. IT and Telecommunications

    a) On the road to power. Dynamic international development of Polish software houses.
    b) Artificial intelligence in the realities of Globalization 4.0. Will there be a real revolution in Polish informatics?
    c) Investments in the IT industry: models, challenges, hopes.

  4. Medical technologies (so-called MedTech) and pharmacy

    a) How to effectively support the development of the medical technology sector in Poland?
    b) The landscape of the Polish pharmaceutical industry. Pr & oacute; summary and future conclusions.

  5. Furniture industry

    a) How to further conquer the world? Methods of cooperation of the state and business in opening new directions in the export of Polish furniture.
    b) Better design of Polish furniture as the key to the conquest of the European market.