A balanced financial system

In the dynamically changing world, the important role of the financial system in the economy remains unchanged. The concept of the financial system in the context of economic policy is traditionally referred to the combination of monetary, fiscal and monetary policy and their impact on economic growth. Staying with your own currency does not mean that you do not need to develop a monetary policy. In addition, the fight against tax collection and new changes in the tax system are important economic challenges that the Polish economy will face.

Suggested topics:


  1. What kind of monetary policy for Poland?
  2. Institutions of fiscal policy in a modern state
  3. Collaboration of V4 + 2 exchanges
  4. Justice and the capital market
  5. e-PIT & ndash; evaluation of the operation and further steps towards simplifying settlements
  6. New PIT solutions (0% for young people, reduction of up to 17% and doubling the cost of & oacute; for earnings & waccacy)
  7. Tax gaps in CIT and VAT